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Do You Know The Clever Uses of Notebook?

How can office notebooks prevent loose pages?

Coil-bound notebooks are firm and won't lose pages. As you may know, notebooks commonly have different binding methods, including thread stitching, perfect binding, saddle stitching, and coil binding. However, thread-stitched, perfect-bound and saddle-stitched notebooks are more prone to loose pages and cannot be folded 360 degrees. In contrast, coil-bound notebooks are firm and won't lose pages, allowing them to be easily flattened at 180 degrees and folded 360 degrees.

What to do when office notebooks become "bloated"?

Choose an office notebook with an elastic band. Many people print out problems and stick them directly onto their workbooks or insert study/exam materials into their notebooks for convenience. Over time, the notebook may become bloated. What should you do? An elastic band may solve your problem! Some coil-bound notebooks come with an elastic band that has undergone over 1000 stretching tests, effectively preventing pages from falling out and making it more convenient to carry around.

What to do when office notebooks become creased after prolonged use?

Use a magnetic bookmark to press down on it. Magnetic bookmarks can not only be used as bookmarks, but also as paper clips and to press down on wrinkled corners of notebooks.

What practical accessories are recommended for office notebooks?

A detachable bookmark ruler and storage pocket. Some coil-bound notebooks come with a detachable bookmark ruler which, as the name implies, can be used to measure or draw while also serving as a practical bookmark that can hang between any two pages. If you need to take notes or make simple measurements outdoors, it is very convenient to have a portable ruler! The Qucai series notebook also has a creative function board for personalized creation.

How can you prevent your hand from getting stuck with a coil-bound notebook?

1. Fold the notebook; 2. Only use one side; 3. Use a reversed coil-bound notebook. When using a coil-bound notebook with left and right pages, you may encounter a problem with your hand getting stuck on the coil. This is because the height of the internal pages is different from the height of the coil. Therefore, you can fold the office notebook to increase the height of the internal pages and reduce the feeling of getting stuck on the coil.

You can also use only the right side of the notebook, then when all right-hand pages have been used, you can flip the notebook and continue writing on the right-hand side, essentially avoiding the coil altogether.

Alternatively, you can use a reversed coil-bound notebook to completely avoid the coil and eliminate any feeling of getting stuck. Reverse coil-bound notebooks are suitable for translations, interpreting, learning vocabulary, small coil-bound books can be used to take notes and keep track of tasks and even used as tag paper.

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