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Hair Care

SKYLARK has many years cooperation with hair care factories, aiming at offering competitive price to all catagories of hair care products.

How To Start A Hair Product Business?

  • Define your Brand in the Hair-care Products business

What value can your brand create?

First of all, you have to know what different values you could provide to your customers. A better service good quality or a good price. To make that clear you have to ask yourselves one question. How is your supply chain? Could the supply chain manufacture good quality products or general ones? If that you could decide if you could provide a good quality or good price. Otherwise, you have some special services you could provide such as more items you could supply, shipping service door to door, free samples to test. All in all, you have to create your unique value for your clients. We consolidating a powerful supply chain so we could provide the service to gather different items of hair-care products in one load with low MOQ and direct price. Help customers purchase more easily and cost-saving.                   

  • Define your market 

Who is your major client?

You have to make research in advance who is the audience of your products. Which could attract them the most. And which is the most demand What is their greatest possible need. Requirements vary depending on where you live. States specify education requirements. They also specify requirements for continuing education units, license fees, renewal periods, and reciprocity, and transfers.

We have Clients from the US South America European Asia market establishing long-term cooperation with us and know well about their demands. And we focus on providing Provide fair prices for general consumers.

  • Complete Products catalogs

According to your supply chain and your market to complete your catalogs which including different items. Each item stands for the different demands of the customer. Such as hair cleaning, hair grooming, hair styling. We provide the following items for Hair grooming: hair accessories, hair sprays, hair styling wax, hair treatment. Hair Cleaning: hair conditioner, hair shampoo. Hairstyling tools: hairbrush, hair combs, hair curlers, hair clippers, hair crimpers, hairdryers, hair hot brush.

  • Test Your Hair products before sell.

To guarantee the quality of your products is one of the most important things to do while getting beauty products wholesale. Every hair care product should have its own standard. We always do quality checks before we sell the goods. We play a role as the bridge between the customers and the factory. Thus, you could trust we are not factory our task is to consolidate the factory’s products and selling to customers. We do a quality check and make sure that the unqualified rate is within 1%-3%.

  • Take Responsibility

When we start a business the most important thing is to build a responsible image. It embodies how you behaved when some problems happened. For example, you delay the delivery time which missing the best selling time of your customer. How to take responsibility? You have to pay for the loss and try to minimize the damage. All in all to take responsibility for your behavior.

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