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As a professional nail tips products supplier in China, Skylark supports OEM colour box packaging customisation services, live video selection and other professional services with advantages for different nail products for sale.

How To Start A Nail Business?

  • Create a business plan

A written business plan guides you in every aspect of decision-making for your nail business. If you're seeking financing from banks, investors, or other lenders, they'll want to see a complete business plan. A business plan generally has the following components:

Executive summary/company description/market analysis/location/market overview/financial analysis

  • Register your business

You must also register your business with your local governing authority. Visit city or county offices as appropriate for your area to complete the necessary paperwork and to pay the fees.

  • Licensing requirements

Requirements vary depending on where you live. States specify education requirements. They also specify requirements for continuing education units, license fees, renewal periods, and reciprocity and transfers.

  • Health and safety regulations

There are three types of hazards for workers: chemical hazards, biological hazards, and awkward positions, and repetitive motions. Standards and standards interpretation can be found on the office's website. They govern workers' rights and make clear what you need to do as an owner to ensure worker safety. Topics include the following:

Air contaminants/Toxic and hazardous substances/Respiratory protection, including ventilation and personal protective equipment/General environmental controls/Ergonomics enforcement

Sanitation/Bloodborne pathogens

  • Inspections

Nail salons are inspected by officials from a state's board of cosmetology. Each state has its own list of items that will be part of an inspection, typically including the following:

Prominent display of licensure/Compliance with building, health, fire prevention, safety and health codes/Clean, safe sanitary disposal of waste materials/Sanitation equipment and procedures for equipment, tools, implements, and supplies/Covered storage for clean and soiled towels, equipment and supplies/Safe storage and use of reactive chemicals/Proper storage and dispensing of fluids and powders

  • Nail equipment list

You'll need to purchase some equipment before you can open your doors to clients. You could look for us as suppliers of wholesale salon furniture and equipment. Our company, SKYLARK NETWORK specializes in nail tips products and nail polish wholesale service and could be your sourcing agent in China.

Depending on the size of the business, you may need one or more of each of the following types of equipment:

Manicure station: A table with space for nail polish, nail tips products, safe nail polish remover lighting, and vents; comfortable chairs for nail technician and client

Pedicure chair: Padded chair for a client, with or without a built-in massager and built-in footpath; stool and a small table for technician

Display rack: For nail polish

Drying lamp: May be part of a separate drying station

Equipment sanitizer: Using UV or heat to sterilize equipment after each use

Desk/reception station: For making appointments and taking client payments

Waiting area furnishings: Chairs, coffee table, magazine rack, beverage station

Washer and dryer: For towels and technicians' smocks

  • Focus on your clients and staff

To build a successful nail salon business, you should always be thinking about the client experience. Word of mouth is important with a nail business, so consider the ways you can set yourself apart from competitors.

Invest in the training and motivation of your staff. Ensure they have opportunities to access professional publications and events. Make sure they're comfortable upselling the salon's products and services. Offer incentives for them to stay at your salon.

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