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Chinese Yiwu Buying Agent

Do you want to source goods from China while you are not familiar with importing and exporting small commodities? If so, then you'd better find a China buying agent who can help you deal with finding certain products, preparing goods, and customs declarations.

What is Yiwu Buying Agent?

Yiwu agency is a new type of goods export purchasing agent. It is a new and warmly-welcomed choice for many foreign trade companies now because of its effectiveness and efficiency. Moreover, Yiwu buying agents can help to reduce import from Yiwu costs. The following conditions can help to check if the Yiwu buying agent is reliable to trust. The first is low cost. The price of the goods it provides must be lower than that of the customer's own purchase. The second is, of course, the high quality of goods. The third is to make customers believe that the goods they need can be accurately and timely delivered to the designated location. Skylark is equipped with a professional Yiwu purchasing agent team that offers China buying agent service with a high sense of social responsibility.

How to Find a Good Yiwu Agent?

When it comes to finding a good Yiwu market agent, the following points should be paid more attention.

  • Good language ability to understand and express.

  • Good ability of problem-solving.

  • Quality of honest.

  • Available license.

  • Expertise on the product that you want to buy.

  • Location of the sourcing agent.

Yiwu Buying Agent Services Cases 

Yiwu Buying Agent 1

Yiwu Buying Agent 1

As we can see in this picture, the three people are our American customers and Skylark's sales representative. We have cooperated for many years, and we found a large number of products in the YIWU market. On the first day of that time, they picked many daily necessities, and then we chose some hardware tools, such as a screwdriver, wrench, and garden tools. Finally, they all chose satisfactory products. As a professional Yiwu sourcing agent, Skylark has invited many customers from all over the world to Yiwu in order to find suitable products.

Yiwu Buying Agent 2

Yiwu Buying Agent 2

After finishing five days of work, Skylark's sales representatives had dinner with customers from Europe. In these five days, our customers have selected products that satisfy them, such as daily necessities, pet supplies, and fashion accessories. We give full play of our advantages in various product categories to quickly and professionally adapt to customers' needs. Pleasant cooperation makes five days of time fly by, I believe we will have more pleasant cooperation in the future.

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