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How to Use a Paper Notebook?

In the era of information technology, technology has indeed solved many problems for us but has also caused us to lose many of our original skills, such as writing. Nowadays, the convenience of electronic notebooks has largely replaced paper notebooks as office supplies, but paper notebooks also have advantages that cannot be replaced. Let's take a look at how we can use paper notebooks below!

Concise paper notebooks as office supplies

Because writing is slow, we must be very careful with our words when recording notes. In today's world with more and better choices, paper notebooks are not the best choice for recording long content (of course, some people just like the feeling of writing, which is another matter). Even if it is just used to record information, try to avoid writing long paragraphs.

Clean paper notebooks as office supplies

Due to the slow speed of writing, many people write very sloppily in order to pursue speed. This way, the notes are recorded, but when you look back later, you don’t even know what you wrote. At the same time, the messy font and layout also greatly affect your desire to keep reading. You don't need to write your notes beautifully, but at least write them clearly and vertically. If you are weak in this area, try to use notebooks with horizontal lines or grids.

Establish sections for your paper notebook as office supplies

According to the characteristics of the content, it is necessary to establish corresponding sections in your office supplies notebook. This is something that many people are not aware of or do not pay enough attention to. Many people like to record their daily tasks in their notebooks. At the same time, when they attend meetings or read books, they also record meeting content or reading notes in their notebooks. And they all use the "sequential recording method", which is to record in the order of the notebook pages.

The consequence of doing this is that after a long time, your content is completely irregular and looks messy. Such notes are of low value for subsequent review, and it is better not to record at all.

Nowadays, many people pursue convenience and speed and are reluctant to use paper notebooks. In fact, because of the relatively fast-paced and impetuous environment today, it is more necessary to use paper notebooks to calm down. When using paper notebooks as office supplies, you will find a different state of mind. The paper of notebooks and loose-leaf notebooks are environmentally friendly, the paper is flat, and they are easy to write on. The cover leather is of good quality and feels good. LOGOs can also be customized for use in companies, schools, and other places.

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