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A Practical Laundry Basket Makes Your Life More Convenient

Whether it is moving into a new home or remodeling an old house, it will make people happy. Surprises in life never appear suddenly. Maybe you have thoughts that have not been put into action, but once you put them into action, the quality of life will quickly improve. A practical household item: the laundry hamper will bring you a different life experience.

1. Household supplies dirty clothes hamper: PP material, soft and ever-changing

Many people have no way to wash their clothes immediately after taking a shower, so they can only stack them on the ground at will. There are a lot of bacteria on the ground, especially the bathroom floor, which is very damp and can easily make clothes moldy and smelly. Today we will explain to you the dirty clothes hamper made of PP. It can change the degree of softness and hardness according to different production methods, is not easy to deform, and is more durable.

Whether it is a gray or beige houseware hamper, the simple and elegant colors will make people relax. The line of the basket is very smooth, and the two sides are designed with arc-shaped handles, which makes it easier to move and save effort. The soft PP material has a smooth and comfortable surface. It will not be deformed by folding and squeezing at will. It is very convenient for daily storage.

Our PP dirty clothes basket is made of rattan-like weaving method. This kind of weaving method can further improve the toughness of the laundry basket, and the large capacity can hold more clothes. The touch is relatively not so soft, but it is also very smooth, without annoying burrs.

2. Household supplies dirty clothes hamper: fabric material, diversified colors

The household items, dirty clothes baskets made of fabric materials can be printed and dyed to leave more patterns and colors on the surface, which can be said to be the most varied of all kinds of dirty clothes baskets. The most common is the dirty clothes hamper made of Oxford cloth, which not only has a relatively stiff shape, but also is dust-proof and moisture-proof. The sturdy and durable feature allows it to have a large capacity.

The drum-shaped laundry basket is thickened with three layers of materials, and it is enough for daily laundry storage. The body of this laundry hamper is heightened, and the internal capacity is also very sufficient. There are strong hemp rope handles on both sides, which make the dirty clothes basket move more labor-saving. The thoughtful beam opening design becomes the "lid" of the dirty clothes hamper to avoid dust accumulation.

3. Dirty clothes hamper for Household supplies: fashionable storage

Houseware dirty clothes baskets are only used to hold dirty clothes, but they can improve the quality of our lives. Dirty clothes baskets of different materials have their own characteristics and styles. Choose according to your actual situation, so that dirty clothes are no longer stacked in a mess.

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