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Brief Discussion on Greeting Card Design

The visual experience conveyed by festival supplies greeting card design

Aesthetic Feeling

Good design needs to achieve unity of meaning and context, the integration of emotion and scenery. It is the product of the subjective thoughts and emotions, aesthetic taste, and objective will of the designer. For greeting card design, "aesthetic feeling" is the soul and core of the card, the style and realm of the card, and the temperament and attitude permeated in the card.


Currently, the consumer group of greeting cards is still young people. In the era of pursuing individuality, fashion and cultural heritage, fashion is the most essential element. In the design process, designers should incorporate some popular fashion symbols while grasping the ideological consciousness of culture and popular trends. This allows fashion and culture to achieve a perfect combination. The most important aspect of greeting card design is not just the expression form, but also the synchronization with the cultural pulse of the times.


Festival supplies greeting cards are tokens of popular festivals, so they must reflect a strong festive atmosphere in the card, evoking a resonance of festivals in the minds of users. "Taste" is something that can be understood and expressed. "Taste" includes not only delicious food and festive decorations, but also newly purchased clothes from mothers and gifts full of love from fathers. "Taste" also includes the family affection and sweet festival atmosphere that is difficult to see normally.


Greeting cards are carriers of people's blessings and missives, and good greeting card design should make people feel warmth and the sender's heartfelt wishes.

Important elements in festival supplies greeting card design


Color is crucial in greeting card design. As a cultural product, the design should reflect the ultimate use of color, namely finding treasures in the ordinary and gems in the simple, to meet visual needs and convey traditional auspicious, warm, and celebratory atmosphere. Yiwu offers a range of suppliers producing uniquely designed greeting cards with special attention to the use of color. The ultimate aim is to create designs that facilitate the discovery of hidden treasures in the mundane and celebrate the simple things in life. Such attention to detail aims to meet the visual needs of the recipient while inducing positive emotions of warmth and happiness. You can buy from Yiwu which means that customers will find designs that are not only visually appealing but also deeply rooted in cultural significance, making them perfect for any occasion.


The letters in greeting cards are the "eyes" of the card. Text design is an important technical composition technique to enhance the persuasive power of greeting cards and endow the pattern with aesthetic value. There is a common saying that "good flowers also require green leaves as matching." Font design plays this role in the overall design of festival supplies greeting cards. The origin of words lies in pictures; the highest realm of words should be both words and pictures. If the designer can cleverly use words in the design, it will play a finishing touch.

Greeting card composition

The composition of a greeting card is a process of reasonably arranging text, patterns, colors, and other elements. The pattern occupies a dominant position, and text and colors should respond to patterns. Vertical arrangement of text is lively and celebratory, whereas horizontal arrangements provide a calm and steady feeling. Horizontal arrangement of text can bring balance to the entire layout. Irregular arrangements can break the overly stable picture, and provide more diversity. Proper use can help to strengthen the theme of the greeting card.  There are many Yiwu market suppliers dealing with different types of greeting cards, from traditional to modern designs, thus giving buyers a broad range of options to choose from. With such variety, buying from Yiwu means that customers can find unique and personalized greeting cards that can suit any occasion or recipient.

Greeting card printing

The printing of greeting cards must pursue the best printing effect. Depending on the needs, special effects can be added to cater to specific requirements, such as gloss, partial UV, gold stamping, and embossing. The use of different means and materials from multiple angles can increase the interest of the greeting card. For example, embroidered greeting cards, plant greeting cards, bamboo greeting cards, music greeting cards, etc. that have appeared on the market, extend the functions of greeting cards, improve the product level and increase the value of the greeting card.

The design concept of greeting cards is to showcase the connotation of greeting cards with excellent design. Designers are not only creators of products, but also inheritors of greeting card culture. The design of festival supplies greeting cards is not just for use. It also conveys the user's ideas, concepts, and emotions. Each design is a realization process of the aesthetic humanistic values. Grasping this process is not only a communication with the consumer's soul, but also a harmony with eternal nature.

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