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Choose the Cycling Raincoat from Different Details

Many cyclists are curious that it is necessary to bring a raincoat for long-distance or rainy riding, then how to choose the most suitable raincoat? The most practical is to be durable and prolonged, the most considerate is to protect from wind and rain. Over time, this is the essence of what it is all about.

As a professional cycling raincoat, it is actually different from ordinary raincoats with a one-piece hat. It is the best setting to wear a cycling raincoat and a cycling raincap separately. If wearing a one-piece raincoat with a hat produces wind resistance in the process of riding and can not completely cover the helmet, even if there is a shrink rope design, it is easy to be blown off by the wind, causing great obstacles to riding.

1. The waterproofness of the cycling raincoat is the most basic

If it is not waterproof, it cannot be called a cycling raincoat. A cycling raincoat is not an ordinary outerwear, as long as the style is popular and the colors look good, it is not as simple as that. When choosing a cycling raincoat, the first thing to look at is its waterproof performance. When choosing, check carefully to see if the rubber strip inside the cycling raincoat is flat and whether there is any blistering. If not, try pouring some water. It is a simple method, but it can verify whether the waterproof performance is qualified.

2. Check the cuff of the cycling raincoat and the constant temperature effect

As we all know, cyclists are keen to ride all year round, so even if you buy it in summer, you need to consider the problem of keeping warm in winter. Check to see if the cuffs of the cycling raincoat are tightened properly, because in winter, cyclists need to wear gloves. If the cuffs are not tightened properly, it will affect the overall warmth retention effect.

3. Check whether the zipper of the cycling raincoat is all-pervasive or not

The main zipper of a cycling raincoat is either a waterproof zipper or a fly to prevent rain from penetrating. If it is an ordinary zipper with a placket, pay attention to whether there is a folded edge at the placket. This design allows rainwater to flow down the folded edge without seeping into the zipper.

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