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Choosing Leashes for Four Types of Pet Supplies

Pet accessory leash: P rope

P rope is the most convenient leash to use among all leashes, but it also has major limitations. Improper use can easily lead to pet injuries. If your pet has already been properly trained and taught, and does not exhibit behaviors such as explosive pulling and tugging, then P rope will be a good choice. However, if the explosive behavior is severe, then P rope will not improve the pet's bad habits, but instead will cause more harmful behavior due to the stimulation on the neck. Pet accessories P rope can only be used as the simplest traction tool, and does not have the function of improving explosive behavior. It may also cause the owner to be injured or lose grip due to the pet's excessive force.

Pet accessory leash: collar

The collar, as a kind of pet accessories, has better wear feel and can withstand more force than P rope because of its material and width. When using a collar, it is important to note that when the pet exerts force in the opposite direction, it is very easy for it to slip out. Once it learns to slip out, the collar will not be able to safely control it. The P-shaped collar has better elasticity than the regular collar, and it can fit the neck more closely when tightened, and the pet will not easily break free when it exerts force in the opposite direction. Additionally, it is relaxed when not under tension, making it more comfortable for pets. However, because of the metal piece, the P-shaped collar is slightly inferior in appearance and shape to the regular collar.

There is a type of collar that has an additional short retractable leash that can be held at the back, which is generally used for medium to large dogs. In special situations, it can be used to better control the distance between the pet and its owner. For example, in an elevator or when crossing the street with overcrowded pedestrians, it can control the pet through a specific area more safely and quickly, without the risk of accidents due to a long leash.

Pet accessory leash: chest/back strap

The chest/back strap pet product is the most comfortable leash for pets, and the larger the area of force on the chest/back, the more comfortable the pet will feel. The feeling of being wrapped around the whole body will also make pets more confident. Similarly, there is a handle on the back, which can be used to control pets closely when necessary.

Because of its comfort and low stimulation, sensitive pets such as cats and rabbits can also be walked with a chest/back strap. However, pets that use the chest/back strap are more likely to exhibit explosive pulling and tugging behavior, because when they see something interesting and exert force to move forward, the force from the chest/back will make them exert more force and strengthen the pulling habit, similar to the concept of pulling a sled. Proper training is required to address these behaviors.

Pet accessory leash: traction buckle

A rope that has a hand-held part on one end and a metal buckle on the other end, generally used with a collar or chest/back strap. It is commonly available in retractable and regular versions. The regular version is generally 1-3 meters long, and some pet accessories leash products also have a cushioning area to ease the force of explosive behavior, preventing the pet from causing too much force to cause the human to lose grip or even fall and get injured. The cushioning areas commonly contain metal springs, elastic bands, and silicone molds. Many merchants advertise that this type of product can prevent explosive behavior, but it only reduces the harm that explosive behavior can cause, not solve the behavior problem. Sometimes it may even encourage pets to exert greater force.

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