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How to Choose a Bathroom Toilet Brush

Most bathroom toilet brushes are made of plastic glue. It is better to choose a toilet brush with a better soft fluff texture. The soft fluff toilet brush can effectively reduce the damage of the toilet glaze.

Ⅰ. How to buy toilet brush for bath products

Toilet brush refers to the professional brush used to clean the toilet and the cup where the toilet brush is placed. It is a must-have product for household sanitary ware. Let's take a look at how to choose a high-quality bathroom toilet brush.

The toilet brush is a very common tool for flushing the toilet in our lives. When we go to the supermarket to buy it, we will find that the price of the toilet brush is still relatively large. Some people will be greedy for cheapness and think that toilet brushes are almost the same. So some people just buy a relatively low price, but this type of toilet brush usually can't be used after a few times.

So when you buy a toilet brush, you can't just look at the price for a small bargain, but also judge whether the toilet brush is qualified or not through some other aspects. First of all, you must choose the toilet brush that suits your own toilet, because each person's toilet is different in design, so the shape of the toilet brush will also have a certain difference. First of all, you have to understand what type of toilet is in your home, and then choose the bathroom toilet brush.

For example, if you buy a toilet brush for a squat toilet, it is best to choose a single-sided brush head. But if it is a household toilet, it is best to choose a toilet brush with a round brush head at this time. Because this kind of toilet will be more labor-saving to brush the toilet, and it will be cleaner.

Ⅱ. Precautions for using toilet brushes in bath products

Every time you use the toilet to brush bath products, you must rinse it with clean water in time, and do not let the toilet brush with residual dirt. You can put the toilet brush in the toilet after flushing the toilet, and let the water flow to flush the toilet brush. After flushing the toilet brush, one shall spray a certain amount of 84 disinfectant to sterilize and disinfect. It can prevent stubborn bacteria from breeding on the toilet brush.

First transfer the wet toilet brush to the sun to dry, and then to a ventilated and dry place to keep the toilet brush dry; because of the dark and humid corners, this environment is most likely to breed bacteria. So, it should replace regularly. The bathroom toilet brush has been used for a long time The brush will fall off, affect the effect of cleaning the toilet, and also hide dirt and dirt, so you need to replace a new toilet brush every 3-5 months.

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