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How to Choose a Cycling Pouch That Suits You?

1. Analyze a good cycling pouch from the big part

1) Carrying system

The backpack carrying system consists of a back panel, shoulder straps, chest straps and a waist belt, and the back panel is used to support the entire backpack. A good backpack can evenly distribute the weight of the cycling pouch. Shoulder straps, waist pads and chest straps play an important role in fixing, they must be adjusted. According to different individual body types, different adjustments can be made to better fix and reduce friction. In addition, the inner part of the shoulder strap and waist belt that contacts the skin should be soft and elastic, effectively changing the upper and lower friction of the upper shoulder strap or waist belt from elastic vibration. Not only does the chest strap need to be adjustable in length, it should also have a slide-type attachment point on the chest strap for easy adjustment to a personal comfortable position.

2) Fabric

The general cycling pouch is made of PU coated nylon fabric, which has the functions of waterproof, anti-dry, wear-resistant and tear-resistant. Whether a cycling pouch is durable or not, the fabric is the main determining factor. I think everyone does not want to encounter the situation where the backpack is broken halfway through the ride.

3) Ventilated and breathable perspiration system design

When riding, the backpack is fully buckled on the back. If the back is not ventilated during riding, it will be quite uncomfortable to cover the back with sticky sweat. A mesh resin board is added to the backpack to isolate the back and the body of the bag. The optional cycling pouch has a breathable mesh design on the inside of the shoulder straps and waist pad, allowing air to flow and effectively keeping the body contact area dry.

4) Whether the loading system is reasonable

Cycling pouches usually consist of main bag, side bag, auxiliary bag, etc. Cycling pouches will be made relatively small, generally no more than 30L. Therefore, through the design of the bags in each part of the backpack, the objects can be better distributed, the capacity can be reasonably utilized, and of course, the more important thing is to facilitate access.

2. Check whether the cycling pouch is in place from the small design

1) Helmet fixed net pocket

The helmet mesh is used to secure the helmet. When riding, sometimes it will enter the woods, or enter some relatively low places, and wearing a helmet cannot correctly judge the height. And the head will sweat after a long time of exercise, so when you take off the helmet, you can fix it on the bag with a net pocket.

2) Water bag device

A special water bag compartment is designed in the cycling pouch, which also plays a fixed role in the water bag, so that the water bag will not move in the bag when the road is bumpy. The water bag outlet is convenient for drinking water anytime, anywhere while riding. Two water bag straw fixing buckles are designed on the shoulder strap, which can fix the straw on the left or right according to the user's habits, so as to avoid the straw being swayed by the wind when it is exposed.

Rain cover and sleeping bag compartment: A rain cover is necessary to protect the backpack and its contents from getting wet when it rains. The sleeping bag compartment is convenient for putting sleeping bags, not to mention. Even if you do not put sleeping bags, you can easily and quickly retrieve things through the zipper connected to the main bag.

3) High-quality webbing and fasteners

High-quality webbing has a smooth surface, soft texture, moderate astringency, strong bearing capacity, and can withstand a tensile force of more than 200Kg. The workmanship of the fasteners is relatively thick, the use is flexible, and the operation of good fasteners is effortless, and you will hear a "click" sound when you click, indicating that the fasteners have been locked. General fasteners are hesitant and unreliable, and may be separated naturally.

When purchasing, pay more attention to whether these points of the cycling pouch are available, and choose the brand, model and capacity of the backpack according to your riding time, distance and items.

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