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How to Choose a Dog Collar and Harness?

Dogs are on a leash, as all dog owners know. Nowadays, the most widely used leash is the chest harness, in addition to the collar, let's take a look at the collar and the harness pet supplies who are better!

1. Pet supplies: collars

The advantage of the collar is that it has strong control. If you pay attention to the dogs on the SHOW field, you will find that they all wear a very thin chain, because then you can immediately stop the dogs when they are disobedient. And if our average family dogs choose a collar, the dog will be tamed quickly, because the neck is the most sensitive place, a little force can restrain the dog's behavior and help train them to be obedient.

However, the only disadvantage of pet products collars is that long-term use can easily damage the hair on the neck of long-haired dogs, so you should choose a collar with a good texture, such as leather, or wrap it with a soft cotton cloth, so that it is breathable Well, the damage to the hair is also a lot less. If you wear it for a long time, do not use plastic or other materials with poor ventilation, which will not only damage the hair but also the skin.

If possible, it's best to give your dog a collar from a young age to help him get used to it. Dogs will not like collars very much once they are used to the harness. Dogs who have been using collars since childhood should wear collars as little as possible to protect their hair when they do not go out. Some large dogs, which need to be worn for a long time, also need to remove the collar and comb the neck hair every day to maintain health.

2. Pet supplies chest harness

The advantage of the chest harness for pet supplies is that it can bear a wide range of forces. Many owners feel that the collar will strangle the dog, so they choose a chest harness from a young age. However, the obedience of dogs using chest harnesses is far worse than that of dogs using collars. However, the chest harnesses of pet products are still very suitable for some specific dogs, such as small Chihuahuas, miniatures or dogs with acute and chronic throat diseases, chest harnesses must be a better choice!

The disadvantage of the chest harness is that it has poor control and great pressure on the chest cavity. Many rampage-loving dogs are on harnesses, and they're mostly excited. Owners choose chest straps, often hoping that they will not be strangled no matter how they run. However, the more excited the dog is, the more difficult it is to tame, and the chest harness only acts as a restraint, and does not achieve the purpose of tameness. Over time, the dog's obedience will decrease. Another point is also very important. Excited dogs tend to have a larger impact force, and the pressure of the chest harness on the chest cavity is also reflected. This is very bad for the internal organs. The complex design of the chest harness also makes the armpit. , The hair on the neck and chest rubs against many places, so it is not suitable for long-term wear compared with the collar. Be sure to choose a chest strap with a width of more than 1 cm, which can relieve the pressure. Be sure to remove the strap when you go out. Developing puppies must not think that the collar will be strangled, but with a harness, the pressure will deform their bones.

In fact, whether it is a collar or a chest strap pet supplies, they are all tools to restrict dogs. Different dogs will have different choices, but going out on a leash not only shows good morals, but also protects the safety of dogs.

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