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How To Find A Sourcing Agent In China

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to sourcing from China. The proper sourcing agent will cover all your needs on the supply side.

China has a complete industrial system, a complete manufacturing category often called the “world factory.”Thus how to choose an agent purchasing in “world factory” is very important. Meanwhile, China also has a low cost which attracted many Retailers and E-Commerce's attention.

Although there are so many reasons to choose to purchase in China, the language barriers and mixed business practices can prove to be a hurdle for many foreign buyers not to mention a huge variety of products available.

The Ability of Language Understanding and Expressing

First of all, try to let the language ability as the emphasis of choosing an agent. When you purchase in China, the most important thing is to tell the supplier what your requirements are. On one hand, he or she has to know well about the language of the local market. On the other hand, you must be good at your language. It does not mean the agent has to pass a high-level language test. The key point is to understand and to express. An agent with a good language ability could understand what you need accurately and paraphrase it to the factory effectively.

The Ability of Problem Solving

A good agent is not only a bridge to link you with the factory. He or she is your will. Even you do not ask him any requirements, she could understand your meaning and deal with any possible issues in advance. So secondly, a good agent must be equipped with the ability to solve problems. When you purchase in China, because of the jet lag, you cannot know the information immediately. But there's something that needs to be made a decision immediately. So it needs your agent to have the ability of judges to decide. And there are always new problems not confirmed in the contract. Most of the agents will leave the problems to you while a good agent will deal with all the problems to finish all the requirements in the contract. They will tell you almost all the possible problems before you order.

Quality of Honest

About telling you all possible problems before you order. Honest to business partners is another good quality. Sometimes in order to finish what the contract required, the agent may conceal some invisible problems, for example, you order 10000 pieces of pet ball toys and actually, the factory only sends you 9999 pieces. Usually, only one piece he or she will conceal you in order to export successfully. However, it will let you bear the loss. And it is just a small thing how about loss a container of goods when you order large quantities? So, thirdly, to choose an honest man to be your agent.

Have the Necessary License

All businesses in China need to have a license to trade. Chinese law is very strict and you work with types of agents. Such as a direct factory or export trading company you must check the specific license first. Before you work with them, check whether they have legal corporate qualifications. Otherwise, any contract you made with him wouldn't be admitted.

Expertise on the Product That You Want to Buy

There are usually two types of agents. The first one is they are the seller of their own factory, which has single types of product items. But they are professional in this respect. Another one is they are the export trading company which have no own factory and not responsible for the manufacturing. But they have experience in how to purchasing different kinds of product items. They always know well about the local market and have many factories establishing long-term cooperation with them which means a powerful supply chain. And if you want more specific and single products items, you could choose the direct factory. And if you want to purchase different items with low MOQ, then you can choose an export trading company.

Location of the Sourcing Agent

When purchasing in China, you have to think about transportation and Manufacturing distribution. So the location is very important. For example, if you want to order large quantities of products, it is a good idea to choose the coastal cities which have a port that could load the goods on board. Shipping by sea is always the cheapest way to ship. And if you want to ship by air, choose Beijing which is the transportation hub of China.

Considering the manufacturing distribution. In Guangdong province, the Electronic Technology Industry gathers here if you want to purchase those items choose an agent in Guangdong province because it is easy to purchase what you want and it will take less shipping cost. And in Zhejiang, Jiangsu. Fujian province, the general merchandise industry gathering here. So to consider all kinds of elements such as the products and the cost to choose where the agent is from.

If you are thinking about sourcing products from China, finding the right China Sourcing Agent is a crucial step. Getting great quality products at the right price and on time can help your business grow by leaps and bounds. Take time to choose the right sourcing agent. You could pay more attention to your market and just consider how to sell. And leave the supply chain business to your agent. You may want information about the Yiwu sourcing agent and how to buy from Yiwu market.

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