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How to Organize Storage Boxes Without Blindly Starting?

Household items storage boxes are boxes used to store things, that is, to collect small items such as office supplies, cosmetics, files, small tools, socks, underwear, etc., so they are called storage boxes. Storage boxes used to be very common on the market. They have low costs, wide benefits and are very suitable for public use, so there are many brands of storage boxes on the market. These storage boxes can be bought for just over ten yuan on the market.

How to use household items storage boxes

They can be assembled into a drawer shape, which will not take up too much space and will look beautiful. However, the storage capacity will not increase much. If it is just a box, it can be used with an open storage cabinet to directly obtain a drawer cabinet. Different sizes of boxes can be used for different types of tableware, which is excellent. Many people also choose to use a set of storage boxes next to the workbench as a drawer cabinet to store various sundries. Later, another use for this thing was discovered. We used it with an open wardrobe, especially placed at the bottom of the wardrobe. If the lower part of your wardrobe has no practical use, then you can choose to use household items storage boxes to increase its use.

Don't blindly buy household items storage boxes

The first step in design is to classify the things in the home and have a clear idea of the weight and volume of each type.

(1) The size of the items determines the method and container size of the household items storage boxes, so correct evaluation is very important.

(2) Understand the storage space. How many cabinets are there at home? Or plan to add a few pieces of furniture for storage? What is the space like in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom? Carefully check and measure the dimensions of some key storage locations (such as closets, wardrobes, and drawers) for later use.

(3) Allocate the classified items to different storage spaces. In short, it is to consider where each thing should be placed. Should household paper be placed in the kitchen, bathroom or storage room? Where should non-seasonal clothing and bedding be placed? This part not only needs to consider some basic principles of storage, such as placing heavy objects in low places, not placing things that are afraid of dampness under the sink, etc., but also needs to separate personal usage habits, item volume, and storage space size.

Now our preparation work is basically completed, and we can start to choose the appropriate storage. According to the previously measured size, purchase information on Taobao. Purchase different widths according to the size of the wardrobe and use them together. Whether it's trousers, sweaters or T-shirts, storage is very convenient, and girls can also use them to store handbags.

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