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Knowledge About Eyeshadow Brush

For a makeup rookie, what is the most difficult tool to choose? For people with some makeup experience, what can make makeup better? The answer is eye makeup products. Make-up technology needs to be accumulated continuously, and tools play a great supporting role. But you don't have to buy a very expensive eye shadow brush to make a beautiful makeup.

1. Is the hair of the eyeshadow brush animal hair or artificial fiber?

As one of the makeup essentials, a proper eyeshadow brush is important. When choosing an eye shadow brush, a rookie is generally confused about how to choose. Animal hair sounds more high-end, and fiber hair gives people the first impression that it is cheap. But in practical applications, the former must be better than the latter? Uncertain.

The surface of animal hair has a lot of hairy scales, and the power of grabbing powder is better than that of smooth artificial hair, and the powder grabbing is more even. Use animal hair for loose powder brushes, blush brushes, and powdered eye shadow brushes. And precisely because the fiber hair has no hairy scales, it will not absorb liquid or cream-like products. Usually, foundation brushes, concealer brushes, and cream eye shadow brushes will use fiber hair.

2. Should the eyeshadow brush be fluffy or firm? Soft but flexible?

According to the different uses of the eye shadow brush, there will be different requirements for the texture of the bristles. In principle, the shading effect of a fluffy eyeshadow brush is weaker than that of a firm eyeshadow brush, but the blurring effect is better than the latter. Different animal hairs have different textures, including wool, horse hair, mink hair, yellow wolf hair, squirrel hair and so on. The higher-end wool is softer, feels better, and needs more care. The price of high-end animal hair is also higher, and rookies should choose reasonably according to their budget when purchasing. In addition, most eye shadow brushes are of excellent quality, so there is no need to blindly pursue high-priced eye shadow brushes from well-known brands.

3. A set of eyeshadow brush or a single eye shadow brush?

For the eyeshadow brush, the advice to rookie is still to buy a set of brushes first. But this set does not refer to a set of brushes sold in the market, but a set of your own (you can also buy a set of finished brushes with good quality). What's wrong with the set of brushes? You will find that the utilization of some brushes is extremely low, and you may never use them after you buy them. And some brushes with high utilization rate may not be equipped with complete sets.

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