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Misunderstandings of Cat Owners About Cat Litter and Litter Boxes

Every shit shoveling officer knows that cat litter and cat litter boxes are essential items for raising cats, but do you really know how to use them? The cat litter box for pet supplies also has its own precautions during use. And many shit shoveling officers don't pay attention to these, and most of them will place them according to their own convenience. Once your cat is unhappy with your placement, there is a good chance the cat will vent its dissatisfaction by urinating. Now, let's talk about a few things that cat owners tend to ignore!

1. The number of pet supplies cat litter box

If you have more than one cat at home, be sure to prepare enough litter boxes, one cat corresponds to one litter box. Best-case scenario: one more litter box than a cat.

2. Pet supplies cat litter box size

The litter box for pet supplies should be as large as possible. Choose a litter box for the cat, and you can roughly measure the length from the top of the cat's head to the tail. The length of the cat litter box is about 1.2-1.5 times this length. If it's a kitten, just buy a large size, and you don't have to keep buying a litter box as your cat grows.

3. The distance between pet supplies cat litter box

Don't place the litter box and edible bowl too close together. Just like people don't want to eat near the toilet, the eating bowl should be as far away from the litter box as possible, preferably in a different room.

4. Pet supplies cat litter box hygiene

This is the most basic point, and the one that affects cats the most. The cat litter box should be cleaned at least once a day. Some cats will choose to use the toilet outside the basin when they see that the last time the excrement is still there when they go to the toilet for the second time. Try to put the litter box in a place where it is easy to find, so that the cat cannot find it. There should be no obstacles between the cat's activity area and the litter box. And don't put the litter box in a high place just because cats like high places.

5. The amount of cat litter in the cat litter box of pet supplies

The amount of cat litter is also a bit knowledgeable. Generally, the amount of cat litter is 7-13cm. Some cats prefer light sand, some prefer dark sand. A little trick is to observe the action of it using the litter box. If it goes to the ground, it means that it likes light sand, and next time, use less sand. If you don't plan to go to the toilet, it may not matter how much cat litter is. Like humans, cats also develop habits. It likes the way of life that it is used to, so it will have a sense of security. If you constantly change the position of pet products pet litter box or change the type of cat litter frequently, the cat may not adapt. So, if you want to change your cat's lifestyle, you must do it gradually.

Have you noticed these problems in your daily life? If there is no problem with the above, and the cat still defeces everywhere, it is recommended to go to the animal hospital to check, it may be a health condition.

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