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Principles of Outdoor Tent Construction

Outdoor tents are sheds propped on the ground to shelter from wind, rain and sunlight and for temporary living. It is mostly made of canvas, and it can be removed and transferred at any time along with the support. Outdoor product tents are carried in the form of parts and assembled after arriving at the site. Therefore, various parts and tools are required. One shall understand the names and usage methods of each component and be familiar with the structure of the tent, so that the tent can be erected quickly and easily.

Ⅰ. The principles of building tents for outdoor products

1. Choose a flat ground. Remove branches, stones and other debris that may cause damage to the bottom of the tent and the surface of the tent in the tent construction area.

2. Open the outdoor product tent storage bag and take out the tent packaging, unfold and assemble the two folded tent poles. Make sure that the adjacent tent sections are fully assembled in place.

3. Spread the inner tent on the ground flat, and turn the side with the door toward the direction you want to face (usually the leeward direction).

4. Take out the four tent nails, and according to the principle of fully tightening the inner tent along the diagonal and side, insert the six tent nails through the hexagonal webbing loop of the inner tent and insert them diagonally on the ground toward the inside of the tent. Complete the internal account fixing. Note: The penetration angle of the ground nails is at a 45-degree angle to the ground, and the ground should be as deep as possible.

5. Pass the two assembled tent poles through the inner pipe diagonally so that the center of each tent pole is located at the center of the inner tent.

6. Insert one end of the tent pole head into the metal buttonhole of the nearby tent corner, and then gradually apply force to the other end of the diagonal to bend the tent pole until the end tent head is inserted into the corresponding metal buttonhole of the end tent corner.

7. Repeat this operation to complete the fixing operation of the second tent pole.

8. Stand up the two fallen tent poles, and hook the black plastic on the diagonal line of the inner tent to the corresponding tent poles.

9. Check whether the tents inside the tents of outdoor products and the positions of the tent nails initially inserted into the tent corners are suitable.

Ⅱ. Folding storage methods for outdoor product tents

1. The front of the tarp is spread out flat, leaving two side ropes, and the two sides of the length direction are folded to the longitudinal center line of the tarp.

2. Divide the folded sides into three equal parts, and fold them twice toward the center line.

3. Fold the two sides of the tarp in the width direction of the tarp toward the transverse midline of the tarp, and then fold it in half toward the middle three times in succession, and then be firm.

4. Bundle with reserved rope, tying the cross on both sides, tighten the tying tightly, the rope end should be plugged, and the rope buckle should not be loosened and the rope buckle should not fall off, and should not be dragged.

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