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Rules for Choosing Cycling Gloves

There are two kinds of cycling gloves: half finger and full finger. When choosing cycling gloves, try to select those with strong sutures and thick palms. Some gloves also have towel material on the thumb for the rider to wipe sweat. When choosing gloves, most cyclists consider the materials that can protect the palms and joints and the gloves with the padded rings. However, prolonged contact with the grip will wear off the thickness and anti-skid leather of the gloves, and then it is time to replace the gloves. Gloves are expendable and necessary for cyclists. What kind of gloves do cyclists need? 

The cyclists have had a rough idea of the importance of gloves in cycling. When riding, faced with inevitable traffic accidents, the rider will naturally stretch out his hands to support the ground and avoid hitting his head. Suppose the hand which is the first to be affected is not well protected. In that case, the injuries caused by high-speed friction will be unimaginable, not to mention the inconvenience of life after injury. It's necessary to buy some cheap wholesale items from china in advance.

Ⅰ. Choice of the windproof cycling gloves for road vehicles 

In addition to the necessary functions of windproof cycling gloves, such as skid control and shock absorption, the cyclists should look to see if the glove is shockproof in the jaws and to see if the glove's cut fits the road car's bend when they choose a glove. Mastering the comfort of the ride, and the force feedback that the hands face directly during movement, to avoid the hand pain and discomfort caused by the continuous road oscillation after long-distance riding.

Ⅱ. Choice of windproof cycling gloves for mountain biking

Windproof cycling gloves are used in rugged road conditions, so when grasping the rider handle, the thickness of shockproof cotton should be improved, which is higher than the road rider covers. The finger part should strengthen the breathable function to facilitate the heat dissipation of riders' hands and achieve a comfortable riding feeling.

Ⅲ. Choice of leisure windproof cycling gloves 

If you are a casual player who occasionally rides a bike to the riverside or a medium-range user who wants to use belay gloves to provide safety for commuting and depending within 50km, you can choose a minimalist casual style to meet all your needs. The straightforward manner has no complex design and can meet the needs of public bicycle lovers. 

In addition to achieving the primary safety condition, the windproof cycling gloves also have the necessary functions of skid control, shock absorption, wiping sweat, and so on. A good pair of gloves, used as a second skin, act as a safety keeper for both hands, regardless of the length and frequency of the ride.

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