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Six Taboos You Should Pay Attention to when Purchasing Office Supplies

Purchasing office equipment and consumables is an indispensable part of a company. Buying unsuitable equipment will result in a waste of resources because many functions cannot be used; consumables should not be blindly greedy, otherwise it will affect the printing quality and even damage the machine, so buy office equipment and consumables. We must stick to one point, that is: only buy the best, not the most expensive! Below, Skylark will share with you the purchase experience: the eight taboos when purchasing office supplies and consumables!

1. Taboo 1 in the purchase of office supplies: Buy only the most expensive

When purchasing office equipment, don't think about buying only the most expensive ones, because the products are expensive for two reasons, new products; multi-functional; such products may be expensive because they are new products or have complete functions. But know that the most expensive is not necessarily the best for you. Buying a product depends on whether you can use its functions. If you can't, such a product is not suitable for you.

2. Taboo 2 in the purchase of office supplies: covet cheap

There are many products at different price points in the mall, from licensed products to parallel imports; from parallel imports to fake and refurbished products, many products will make consumers at a loss. Don't be greedy for cheap, only buy the cheapest, only focus on low prices and ignore them product quality itself. Think about buying low-priced products. If there is a problem with the quality, you will have to go back and forth for repairs, wasting time and money, and instead of saving money, it exceeds the value of the product before.

3. Taboo 3 in the purchase of office supplies: accept flickering

If you already have the product you want to buy before purchasing office equipment, and you have made sufficient preparations, then you must act decisively and do not listen to the "flicker" of the salesperson in the store. Some sales may recommend some other products. , If you accept it at this time, then after the product is taken home, you will find that there are many places that conflict with your previous purchase intention.

4. Taboo 4 in the purchase of office supplies: ignoring service

When you buy office supplies, you will definitely encounter problems. At this time, you need after-sales service. If the after-sales service is not good, I believe that you will definitely worry about the product in the future. Therefore, after buying something, remember to clarify the service with the merchant. Otherwise, if there is a problem, you can only suffer from it. It is also very important to pay attention to the service.

5. Taboo 5 in the purchase of office supplies: blind purchase

If it is for home use, you can consider the use, appearance and volume of the product when purchasing office equipment. If it is for commercial use, it is more to consider the aspects of function and speed, so the purpose must be clear when purchasing.

6. Taboo 6 in the purchase of office supplies: ignoring consumables

Nowadays, there will always be a situation where you can't afford the consumables for the machine. Therefore, you must pay attention to the consumables when purchasing office equipment. Otherwise, you can buy a machine for the same amount of money. You are not worth the loss.

Therefore, these major minefields must be avoided in the procurement of office supplies. In addition to computers, office equipment and other products, the company needs to purchase some small office supplies for a long time, such as office stationery, office supplies, folders, paper, etc., but also keep your eyes open and choose a reliable platform to bring convenience to your work.

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