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The Difference Between Foundation and ​Pot Concealer

1. Product classification of pot concealer

Concealer products are divided into two categories according to their texture, namely cream and liquid. The strength of the creamy pot concealer will be better, but the makeup is thicker, and there may be a case of sticking powder. The creamy pot concealer products mainly include concealer and concealer stick, which are suitable for people with more facial blemishes. It is generally recommended that makeup veterans can use pot concealer. When using pot concealer, you need to cooperate with tools and techniques, both of which are indispensable.

The strength of liquid concealer products will be slightly weaker, mainly including concealer, concealer, concealer honey, etc. However, concealer is generally used more. Concealer is more moisturizing, has good ductility, and is more moisturizing. It is suitable for beginners. It only needs to be used with air cushions and puffs.

According to color classification, concealer products come in many colors, such as orange, green, purple, yellow, etc. Generally, the common color is partial skin tone. Many concealers do not classify the colors in detail, but they will be divided into finer details in the cream concealer products.

Among them, orange is suitable for covering dark circles; green is suitable for covering acne, redness and local redness, which can even out skin tone; purple can be used to brighten skin; To brighten up.

2. The difference between liquid foundation and pot concealer

For beginners, you only need to buy a universal color or some well-prepared concealer discs that favor skin tone, which is easier to grasp. Some colorful concealer discs are still handed over to veterans, and if they are not grasped properly, they will lead to uneven skin tone.

(1) different textures

The texture of the liquid foundation is a lotion, which is very easy to apply when using; the texture of the concealer stickis a paste-like solid, and it is enough to rub a layer lightly when using.

(2) Different functions

The main function of the liquid foundation is to modify the overall skin tone and cover the facial blemishes. The main function of pot concealer is to cover dark circles, acne scars, pits, pigmentation, local dullness and wrinkles.

(3) Suitable for different parts

Under normal circumstances, liquid foundation is used to apply the whole face, mainly to modify the skin tone. Concealer is usually only used locally, mainly used to cover local blemishes on the face.

Do you really understand the difference between liquid foundation and concealer after reading it? Although liquid foundation and concealer have a bit of duplication in their roles, the emphasis of liquid foundation and concealer is different, so sometimes it is necessary to use the two products together.

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