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The Function and Use Method of Beauty Item Eyelash Curler

An eyelash curler is a makeup tool that can make the eyelashes curl up and make the mascara-coated eyelashes look long and curled. The cosmetic eyelash curler looks like a medical surgical instrument, and it is also a kind of risky use of all cosmetic tools (it is easy to clip the eyelid or pull the eyelashes). Therefore, women who use it for the first time will feel a little fearful if they are timid.

1. The effect of beauty items eyelash curler

If the eyes are the window to the soul, then the eyelashes are the curtains on the window. In the past, many people ignored the importance of eyelashes, but with the increasing awareness and skills of makeup, eyelashes have become an indispensable part of makeup. According to statistics, if a woman is allowed to choose only one part for modification, the number of people who choose eyelashes gradually exceeds the number of people who choose foundation, which has always been the first. It can be seen that the weight of eyelashes is so large. Curling the eyelashes with an eyelash curler can make the eyelashes stand higher than the eyelid margin, expand the curvature of the upper eyelid, and make the eyes more exposed to light. The reflected light contrasts with the black eyeballs and flashes bright light to enhance the eye.

2. Types of beauty items eyelash curlers

(1) The types of beauty products are divided into materials: there are two kinds of plastic materials and stainless steel materials on the market. The plastic eyelash curler is lightweight and easy to carry, but the strength of the eyelash curler is slightly insufficient. It is suitable for travel and people who have soft eyelashes and who like natural curling; the stainless steel eyelash curler is stronger than the plastic one. It can make the eyelashes curl naturally, but it cannot be folded and stored. It is suitable for people who have hard hair and like the obvious curling of the eyelashes.

(2) The types of beauty products are divided into parts of use: Eyelash curlers generally include traditional eyelash curlers, partial eyelash curlers and eyelash curlers for lower eyelashes. Ordinary eyelash curlers are a must-have beauty prop for every beauty-loving person; local eyelash curlers are specially used for the head and end of the eyes, which are not considered by traditional eyelash curlers; eyelash curlers for lower eyelashes are suitable for lower eyelashes that are long but rising consumer.

3. How to use beauty items eyelash curler

(1) Look down with the eyes and confirm the position of the root of the eyelashes. Then open your eyes slightly, and lift your eyebrows to your forehead with your left hand, which can quickly clamp the roots of your eyelashes. Put the eyelash curler close to the eye and gently clip the eyelashes. If you feel no pain, you can start to curl the eyelashes.

(2) Use the thumb to push the eyelash curler to gently clamp the eyelashes, fix them, and roll out the radian. Note that if the beauty items eyelash curler is deviated from the center line, it is difficult to clip beautiful eyelashes, so the position of the eyelash curler should be kept fixed after it is attached to the eye, and should not be changed arbitrarily.

(3) Generally speaking, the lower eyelashes are relatively short and not easy to be curled up. You can use some partial eyelash curlers to make the eyes open to the ideal state while curling.

(4) Eyelash curling is divided into three methods: clipping, combing and hot brushing. Manual grasping is the main method, and the force must be appropriate. It is recommended to use plastic eyelash curlers. Electric combing and hot brushing are used. To choose a clear tooth record, the hot brush must ensure that the eyes are not damaged.

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