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Tips for Applying Eye Shadow in Daily Nude Makeup

Eye shadow is a cosmetic that enhances the three-dimensional effect of the eye and modifies the shape of the eye to set off the look of the eye. It is rich in color and variety. Asians have yellow skin and it is more difficult to match eye shadow colors, so we should follow the principle of balance and balance the relationship between the skin tone of the face, hair color and eye color to make us look radiant. Clear and natural nude makeup has always been highly praised by women in the workplace, and the color matching of the eyes is the focus of eye makeup. In order to fit the natural transparency of nude makeup, the method of depicting everyday eyeshadow should be more cautious.

1. Eye shadow smear refuses to exaggerate the color

Although gorgeous eye shadow color can bring better eye effect, it is not suitable for the color requirements of nude makeup. Generally, the commonly used nude makeup colors should be few and refined, and safe colors can be selected, including brown, beige, and earth colors.

2. Learn eye shadow smearing skills

Smudge refers to the use of eye shadows of different colors to create a sense of layering. For nude makeup, the clever smudge technique not only allows the eye color to be organically blended, but also dilutes the eye color and presents a natural eye makeup look. The common smudge method is to use a cotton swab to apply as much as possible at the junction of the two colors, or use one color of eyeshadow to spread evenly on the other eyeshadow.

3. Apply eye shadow from fine to deep

When depicting nude eye makeup, the head of the eye should be drawn very finely, and no obvious color should be highlighted, and as it gets closer to the corner of the eye, the eye shadow should gradually rise. In this way, the eyes can be deep without feeling heavy, and the looming eye shadow color is the most beautiful in nude makeup. In addition, the eye shadow on the lower eyelid is generally as simple as possible and can be replaced by eyeliner only, or it can be ignored.

Before applying eye shadow products, you need to base your eyelids, choose a color in the eye shadow palette that is lighter and close to your skin tone, and apply it on your entire eye socket. Can be applied with a makeup brush or directly with fingers. But for most people, it's best to use a makeup brush as much as possible to distribute the eyeshadow more evenly. Color overlay after primer: first choose two or three colors you like, apply the lighter color to your eye socket, apply the darker color to the triangle area at the end of the eye, and then choose a darker color Apply the color on your lower eyelid and the end of your eyes. Eye shadow pays more attention to the color smudge at the end of the eye.

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