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Types and Purchases of Pet Supplies Beds

1. Types of pet supplies beds

The pet product beds on the market are roughly divided into three types, namely "corrective", "dome-shaped" and "cushion type". Each pet product bed has its own characteristics.

(1) Sedan type

The pet supplies bed in the shape of a sedan chair does not have a top. When the dog lies on it, it can observe the surrounding things. This pet product bed is shaped like a very shallow box, either square or round. Because this kind of bed is surrounded by all sides, when the dog is lying on it, the side of the bed can be used as a pillow. The pet products manufacturer is trying to attract customers' attention by producing creative pet supplies beds.

(2) Dome type

This shape of pet supplies bed looks like a small house, compared to the shape of a sedan chair, it has an extra top. This type of pet supplies bed can cover the dog's body, has good warmth, and is especially suitable for use in winter.

(3) Cushion type

This is a pet product bed without edges, which looks like a blanket. This type of pet supplies bed is very suitable for the hot summer. The fabric inside is not only soft and comfortable, and the dog will not feel very hot when lying on it.

2. Selection guide for pet supplies bed

In order to attract customers to buy, many manufacturers will design the dog bed into various shapes. Faced with these products, customers do not know how to choose. In fact, when choosing pet products, in addition to satisfying the owner's aesthetic requirements, there are many other things that need to be paid attention to.

(1) Choose the one that suits the dog's body type

There are many sizes of pet beds, some are suitable for small dogs, and some are suitable for medium and large dogs. When buying a pet supplies bed, you should consider the size of your dog now and when he grows up. If the bed you buy is too small, the dog will not feel comfortable in sleep. If your dog will grow to be very big in the future, you can buy a slightly larger pet supplies bed. The dog can still be used after it grows up, so it won't cause waste.

(2) Choose a bed that is not easily damaged

Dogs like to dig holes, bite, etc., which are related to their instincts. If you buy a beautiful pet supplies bed and get bitten by a dog before long, it's too bad. When choosing a pet product bed, you can choose a pet product bed that is made of more durable materials and will not be easily bitten by the dog.

(3) Use different beds in different seasons

At home, you'd better prepare two types of pet supplies beds, one is suitable for summer and the other is suitable for winter. Generally, pet supplies beds made of mesh materials in summer (mostly cushion-shaped) have good ventilation and heat dissipation effects. In winter, the sedan-type or dome-type is used. If you feel that the cushion type has no place to lean on, the owner can add a soft cushion to the dog as a pillow.

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