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Types of Eyeshadow Brushes

We usually use eyeshadow brush to help draw eyeshadow when we draw eyeshadow. Eyeshadow brush is an indispensable makeup tool when applying eye makeup. The usage of various eyeshadow brushes is different, so let's take a look at the types of eyeshadow brushes.

Ⅰ. Essential eyeshadow brush

1. Base brush

The large eyeshadow brush used for primer is a must. It is used to apply light-colored eyeshadow on a large area. Generally, choose an eyeshadow brush with looser hair, which will be softer on the eyes.

2. Ordinary eyeshadow brush or cone brush

The most common eyeshadow brush also requires one hand. It is most suitable to apply the intermediate color eyeshadow. It is generally used to blend the inner and upper part of the double eyelid folds. In addition to this ordinary style, there is also an eyeshadow brush, which is especially suitable for single eyelids. It is a tapered brush. It is perfect for blending dark eyeshadows on the inner side of double eyelids.

3. Small eyeshadow brush or diagonal brush

The slash brush is really easy to use, whether you are drawing eyebrows, eyeliner, or drawing silkworms. Or prepare a smaller eyeshadow brush, which can be used to outline the details of the eye and deepen the end of the eye.

4. Smudge brush

In fact, a blending brush is optional. If you want to draw more layered and advanced eye makeup, it is necessary to prepare a blending brush, but if it is a general basic eye makeup, It’s okay if you don’t have one.

Ⅱ. Classification of eyeshadow brushes

1. Flat brush

Flat brushes are brushes with a relatively flat shape. These brushes are mostly flat tongue-shaped, mainly used for coloring. When using, use the technique of shooting and pressing. There are many choices in size and bristle material on the market. Depending on the size, it is okay to base or add details.

2. Oval brush

Compared to flat brushes, these brushes are thicker and more rounded. Because this type of brush is large enough, it can be used as a coloring brush. Moreover, the curvature on the top is very smooth and has a certain thickness. It is also very good to dazzle the edge of the eyeshadow. It is a very practical brush shape.

3. C-type brush

The C-shaped brush is firmer than the oval eyeshadow brush, and thicker than the flat brush. It has many functions. The larger C-shaped brush can be used as an eyeshadow brush. The smaller C-shaped brush can be used as a detail processing brush to outline corner areas, such as the small triangle area at the end of the eye, and the painting of lying silkworms. Don't use too much force, you can also use the border brush of the eyeshadow.

4. Detail brush

The detail brush is a reduced version of the C-shaped, oval brush, with solid bristles and good coloring. It is mainly used to deal with the details of eye makeup. It is small in size, accurate in color, and well controlled.

5. Pencil brush

It can also be called a tapered brush. The main function is to draw eye creases. Many European and American makeup like to use this brush to draw eye creases. The pointed design is suitable for the eyeshadow on the top of the eye and a small area of the eye position. It can also be used to blend the entire eye makeup.

6. Smudge brush

It's a bit like a cone-shaped brush, but the bristles are longer and more fluffy, and the brush hair is scattered, forming a circular arc. The size of the smudge eyeshadow brush depends on the condition of your eyes. Don't choose too large a size. If the brush is too large, the blurring range of the eyeshadow will be too large. When the brush is small, it will be more difficult to control the intensity, and the blurring speed will be slower, making it difficult for novices to control.

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