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What Types of Printing Papers Are Commonly Used for Notebook Printing?

In the era of rapid information development, communication between people is becoming more and more digitalized. In the past, there were no computers, but now almost everyone has a smartphone. Online shopping has far surpassed the sales figures of physical stores. We often use computers to type, and many friends no longer use notebooks office supplies to record their affairs. They often experience the phenomenon of forgetting words when they pick up a pen, which is very sad.

Office supplies paper notebooks are a traditional technology that can print various types of paper in the form of books for popular use in the market. The paper notebooks used now are printed in this way and are widely used in schools and offices.

The widespread use of notebook office supplies

It can be said that all industries will use notebook office supplies printing products. The demand for notebook printing products has always been considerable, so in the printing industry, this type of printing has always received more attention from manufacturers. Everyone hopes that their notebook printing products can occupy a place in the printing market, so as to obtain more substantial economic benefits from notebook printing products. This is achieved by designing and creating top-notch notebook printing products that meet the needs and demands of customers across various sectors. Yiwu market manufacturers understand the importance of providing high-quality and diverse printing products to stay competitive and satisfy the needs of their customers.

Paper used in notebook office supplies printing

Currently, there are many types of notebook printing products in the printing market. Different notebook printing products have significant differences in style, usage, and material production, especially in the printing paper aspect. The differences between different notebook printing products are also significant. Manufacturers in Yiwu understand the importance of using high-quality printing paper and are dedicated to producing the finest notebook printing products available in the market. Thus, if you want quality notebook printing products, it's advisable to buy from Yiwu. Now, let us introduce to you which types of paper are mainly used for producing notebook printing products.

In general, the paper used for producing and making notebook printing products can be roughly divided into two categories: writing paper and copperplate paper. Writing paper is mainly used for making the inner pages of notebook printing products, that is, mainly used for the writing part of notebook printing products. Copperplate paper is mostly used for making the covers and backs of notebook printing products, and these two types of paper account for about 80% of the total volume of all notebook office supplies printing products. They are also the most commonly used printing paper for producing notebook printing products. With the increase in the demand for these two types of paper, their prices have slightly increased.

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