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What Are the Necessary Mountaineering Kit?

At present, new outdoor activities such as outdoor development activities, field adventures, and orienteering are highly respected. However, whether it is ordinary mountain climbing or outdoor adventure, the following equipment is a must-have for your mountaineering kit.

Ⅰ. Knee pads in mountaineering kit

Some mountain climbers believe that knee pads are not necessary equipment for climbing the mountain, but everyone should wear it when going down the mountain. And the downhill action should not be too fast, because, under the weight-bearing situation, the impact of walking down the mountain on the knee joint is very large. If you want to increase the difficulty of climbing, but also want to reduce the impact on the knee joint, then you might as well push the bike up the mountain. When going down the mountain, directly ride the bike down the mountain, which not only exercises the physical strength but also protects the knee joint well.

Ⅱ. Mountaineering bag in mountaineering kit

Mountaineering bags in mountaineering kits can be divided into trekking bags (light bags) and mountaineering bags (heavy bags), or more subdivided into climbing bags, ski backpacks, travel bags, rock climbing bags, etc. Lightweight bag is suitable for hiking and camping. It is a good choice for climbers when the weight does not exceed 50 pounds. Heavy-duty backpack for high-altitude mountaineering and long-distance traversal activities. In the design, more consideration is given to the carrying performance under heavy load, but it is often heavier. Mountaineering bag is one of the most important equipment for mountaineering equipment, and a good bag can help you move forward easily. When packing, keep the heavy items as close to the body and the upper part of the backpack as possible, so that the weight of the backpack is evenly distributed on your shoulders, back, waist and hips through the carrying system. Try not to hang outside, stuff the items in the backpack, and keep the center of gravity not to be biased to any one side.

Ⅲ. Trekking poles in mountaineering kit

Using trekking poles to go up and down the mountain can save a lot of effort, especially to reduce the pressure on the legs and relieve the fatigue of the waist and shoulders. Walking on steps for a long time has a great impact on the knee joints of the legs. If you use trekking poles in mountaineering kit, it will work very well. In gravel and river valley areas, the use of trekking poles will greatly improve the safety and reduce the chance of slipping and spraining. Trekking poles can also help climbers identify road conditions in overgrown areas and drive away animals, especially snakes.

Ⅳ. Mountaineering shoes in mountaineering kit

Mountaineering shoes are the climbing equipment that climbers give priority to purchasing. The most important thing in choosing hiking shoes is to suit your feet and your hiking route. Among them, the hardness of mountaineering shoes in mountaineering kit can resist the scratching of rocks, while the light hiking shoes cannot provide enough stability to support the heavier backpack. If the mountaineering route is walking on rough ground, you need to choose hiking shoes that protect your ankles, heels and toes.

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