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Which Calculator is Easier to Use?

In the past, calculators were only used for simple numerical calculations, but with the rapid development of technology, today's calculators have powerful functions and various types. So, what types of calculators are there? Which type of calculator is better? Below is a comprehensive list of commonly used office supplies calculators, including general-purpose, function, finance, and graphic calculators, and their features and buying tips are explained. Let's take a look!

General-Purpose Calculators for Office Supplies

General-purpose calculators are usually weak in function and can only complete basic arithmetic operations and a small number of logical operations and display their results. They are mainly used for simple mathematical calculations and are commonly encountered office stationery.

Features: General-purpose calculators for office supplies mostly can only perform simple arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Some also have functions such as human voice and alarm clocks. Their main features are their affordable prices, easy-to-use operations, and convenience.

Buying Tips: It is recommended to choose calculators with human voice and audio functionality as they are less prone to calculation errors. They are usually suitable for use in commercial transactions or for simple student calculations.

Function Calculators for Office Supplies

Function calculators, also known as scientific function calculators, are a general term for calculators that have elementary function numerical calculation functions. They can handle most of the commonly used functions and are commonly used by middle and high school students.

Features: Function calculators for office supplies have elementary function calculation functions as well as statistical, regression analysis, and other functions. More advanced calculators have functions such as base conversion, bit calculation, and unit conversion. Their main features are clear error messages, clear four-line displays, and strong practicality.

Buying Tips: For middle and high school students, it is recommended to choose function calculators with complete functions and advanced features. Their cost-effectiveness is high, and they can be used for a long time.

Finance Calculators for Office Supplies

Finance calculators are professional calculators designed specifically for banking, securities, insurance, real estate, investment, and commercial industries related to finance. They make financial and accounting calculations simpler and more convenient.

Features: Finance calculators have functions such as calculating IRR and NPV, and calculating depreciation tables. They can integrate standard financial function functions and advanced function functions. Their main feature is strong professional financial functions.

Buying Tips: Financial calculators for office supplies are generally suitable for professionals in the finance industry or candidates taking the CFA exam. They are more expensive, so it is recommended to choose a well-known brand to ensure quality.

Graphic Calculators for Office Supplies

Graphic calculators usually refer to calculators that can draw function graphs, solve simultaneous equations, and perform other operations. Most graphic calculators can also write mathematical programs.

Features: Graphic calculators have common numerical operations, data processing, and dynamic image processing functions. Their main features are small size and easy portability. They can exchange data between two graphic calculators through a data cable or wireless infrared port.

Buying Tips: Graphic calculators for office supplies are mostly portable teaching aids specialized in mathematics and science education. It is recommended to choose those with large screens, color displays, and 3D ruler mapping functions, which can help students better learn, research, and solve mathematical problems.

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