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Why Are Wooden Toys for Toddlers Recommended?

Wooden baby toys can stimulate children's hands-on interest, and cultivate children's awareness of reasonable combination and spatial imagination. The clever drag design can exercise children's walking ability and enhance children's sense of creative accomplishment.

1. The advantages of wooden baby toys raw materials

(1) Most of the raw materials of wooden baby toys come from natural sources. Compared with other toys, they have less chemical substances and are green and environmentally friendly. If you smell it carefully, you can still feel the light log scent.

(2) Because of the diversity of wood materials, the selection of wooden baby toys is also flexible. There are many types of wooden toys, and their designs are also diverse. And now the toys factory prefers to produce this kind of toy.

(3) Wooden toys not only look light and delicate, but they are also affordable and colorful. Moreover, it is easy to operate and is loved by parents and children.

(4) The cleaning and maintenance of wooden toys is very convenient.

(5) Wooden toys also have a major feature: they are less harmful and especially suitable for children to play.

2. The functionality of different wooden baby toys

The main function of wooden baby toys is to allow children to improve the coordination of hands and feet, hand-eye coordination, and other physical functions. The wooden toys for toddlers are one of the best training tools. For example, a child uses a box of building blocks to build a figure. In addition to using his mind, he also needs to cooperate with his hands. Therefore, toys are of great benefit to children's muscle activity and physical function development. Below are the different types of wooden toys and their respective advantages.

(1) Tools

This type of toy mainly allows babies to understand and master the process of the shape, color and structure of a variety of tools. Through tool toys, it can train infants and young children's practical hands-on operation ability and hand-eye coordination ability, and develop imagination. Tool toys can improve babies' cognitive ability, analytical ability, imagination, and enhance their sense of accomplishment.

(2) Building blocks

Wooden baby toys stimulate the baby's hands-on interest, cultivate children's awareness of reasonable combination and spatial imagination, and allow them to recognize different colors and shapes. In addition, building block toys can also exercise the baby's hand-eye coordination, help them understand geometric shapes and quantities, cultivate their ability to classify shapes and colors, and improve their imagination.

(3) Puzzles

Puzzles are made up of various shapes and content-rich puzzle boards. After children have some knowledge of how to combine, disassemble and recombine shapes, using such toys can exercise children's ability to think independently. At the same time, these toys can develop the patience and perseverance of infants and toddlers. At the same time, children practice large and small movements, which can exercise muscle flexibility and help children to have an accurate understanding of shapes and quantities.

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