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Why Do Wooden Toys Have Color Difference? How to Detect?

Wooden toys for toddlers are very common educational toys for children. Its rich colors can enhance children's visual ability and color discrimination ability. Children can build colorful graphics according to the color and shape of wooden toys to stimulate their creativity. If wooden toys have obvious visual color difference in color, it will affect children's judgment of color. Therefore, in order to ensure the consistency of the color of wooden toys, it is necessary to detect its color. This article will introduce the color difference detection method of wooden toys for everyone. Interested friends can learn about it!

1. Reasons for the inconsistent colors of wooden toys for toddlers

(1) The nature of the wood itself

Due to the different production conditions of wood, the color of different parts of the tree is different. As the main part of the tree to absorb nutrients, the root of the tree has more pigment deposition, so the color is darker, while the top of the tree has less pigment deposition and the natural color is lighter. And the wood is close to the bark and has the function of transporting and storing nutrients. It is characterized by a lighter color. The heartwood is the central part of the tree that has no living cells, and its storage substances (such as starch) have not existed or converted into heartwood material. Usually dark in color, without the function of transporting sap and storing nutrients, it mainly supports the whole plant.

(2) Processing method

The texture of different trees is also different. When cutting, different cutting methods will also produce a certain color difference. Usually, after cutting the wood, three kinds of sections can be obtained, namely radial section, transverse section and chord section. When two boards with different wood grains are put together due to different opening methods, the color difference of children's wooden toys will appear visually.

(3) Coloring process

In order to make the surface of wooden toys show different colors, the surface is colored by paint or other coatings. Due to differences in colorant formulations and uneven coating thickness, the appearance of wooden toys will appear different shades of color.

(4) Light source environment

When identifying the color of wooden toys for young children, due to the inconsistent light source environment, complex colors of the surrounding environment, and inconsistent observation angles, we will observe differences in the color of wooden toys.

2. The standard light source box detects the color quality of children's wooden toys

Color is a visual response produced by light acting on the human eye. When we see an object, the first thing we feel is its color, so we feel very intuitive about the color of wooden toys. The color of the wooden toys we usually see refers to the color of the object when the sun shines, which is called the true color of the object. However, the color of an object can be perceived by the human eye only when a certain brightness is met. In the absence of light, we cannot perceive the color of an object. Therefore, color is produced by the interaction of light and color. In fact, color is just a feeling that shines light of different wavelengths on the human retina, and then gives the brain a feeling, which is called color vision. Since the human eye's perception of the color of cheap toys is affected by the lighting source, we may observe that the color of the same wooden toy may be significantly different under different lighting conditions. In order to accurately evaluate the color of wooden toys, it is necessary to unify the lighting source conditions for visual evaluation. Therefore, in order to avoid the color evaluation deviation caused by the use of different light sources, the International Commission on Illumination has recommended standard illuminants and standard light sources.

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