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Choosing a Good Rescue Suit Can Make Rescue More Secure

Generally speaking, people will configure rescue clothing in places with water to avoid accidents for players or operators. Therefore, for managers of these occasions, it is very important to purchase suitable water sports gear life jackets. So, how to purchase suitable water sports gear life jackets? Next we will start from the fabrics, accessories, buoyancy, reinforcement conditions and colors of water sports gear life jackets, and briefly explain how to choose.

1. The fabric of life jackets for water sports gear

There are two types of fabrics commonly used in the market. One is a special nylon material. The price of this kind of fabric is relatively cheap, so more manufacturers use it, but the disadvantage is that it is not durable. Another fabric is neoprene. This is a diving material. The price will be relatively expensive. But it's soft and comfortable to touch. It is durable and resistant to friction, which is usually only chosen for the lesser ones. The choice of fabric, from a certain procedure, is to choose the level of price. Buyers can choose according to their own needs.

2. Accessories of life jackets for water sports gear

There are two necessary accessories for life jackets for water sports gear. One is a life-saving pocket and the other is a safety belt. In addition to the above two accessories, there are two more common accessories. One is a life-saving whistle, which is mostly equipped. And the other is a reflector, which is mainly used in environments with low visibility. The choice of accessories can be based on actual needs. If you want to wear rescue clothes for fishing, you need to be equipped with pockets, fish pliers bags, sub-line bags, etc.

3. The buoyancy of life jackets for water sports gear

According to relevant regulations, the buoyancy of clothes needs to ensure that after 24 hours of continuous immersion in seawater, it is not less than 0.75 kg. Moreover, the buoyancy of the front and back pieces needs to follow a certain ratio. There are two common linings. One is polyethylene foam. This material is relatively cheap and has sufficient buoyancy, so it can be used in a wide range. However, the buoyancy of the material changes with the time spent in water. The change is about 5%. The second material is EPE pearl cotton with super light and strong buoyancy. The price of this material is more expensive than that of bubble-flavored plastic, but this lining is not only strong in buoyancy, but also easy to fold and store. More importantly, even if it is soaked in water for a long time, the buoyancy does not change much.

4. Reinforcement of life jackets for water sports gear

There are two common reinforcement methods. One is rope, which was used more in the early days. The second is zipper and button, which is a reinforcement method that is more commonly used today.

5. The color of life jackets for water sports gear

Different environments require different colors. For example, if it is used at the seaside, in order to facilitate and quickly find the drowning person, you can choose a brighter color and a reflector on both shoulders.

The choice of life jackets for water sports gear needs to be based on actual needs. We hope that the above five points can help you choose the rescue jackets you need. At the same time, we also hope that everyone pays attention to personal safety and does not play casually in a water environment.

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