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Do You Know Classification of Ballpoint Pens?

There are various types and styles of ballpoint pens, with different quality levels such as high, medium, and low. However, they can be divided into categories such as oil-based ballpoint pens, water-based ballpoint pens, and neutral ballpoint pens as office supply products.

Water-based ballpoint pen office supply products

Also known as rollerball pens. Rollerball pens are made of plastic injection-molded pens and pen sleeves, called full plastic rollerball pens. Half-steel rollerball pens have pen sleeves made of stainless steel materials that are punched and ground, while full steel rollerball pens are made entirely of stainless steel. Full plastic types are mostly disposable, i.e. scrapped after ink runs out, while disposable ink cartridges are used for half-steel and full-steel types. Rollerball pens as office supply products have two types of nibs: bullet-shaped and tube-shaped, made of copper alloys, stainless steel, or engineering plastics, while the ballpoint is made of materials such as stainless steel, hard alloy, or alumina. The diameter of the medium point ball is 0.7mm and the fine point ball is 0.5mm. There are two types of water storage: fiber bundle storage and non-fiber bundle storage. Ink colors include red, blue, black, green, etc. Rollerball pens have the characteristics of ballpoint and oil-based ballpoint pens, with smooth and even writing, making it an ideal writing tool.

Oil-based ballpoint pen office supply products

It can be simply called a ballpoint pen without causing confusion. The ballpoint used is mostly made of stainless steel or hard alloy materials. The size of the ballpoint determines the thickness of the pen line. Common ballpoint diameters are 1mm, 0.7mm, and 0.5mm (usually marked on the product's pen body or ballpoint pen core). The ink of a ballpoint pen is specially made, mainly mixed with pigments, solvents, and viscosity regulators. The common colors are blue, black, and red. Ordinary ink is mostly used for general writing, while special ink is mostly used for file writing. Ink used for file writing has a mark on the pen core.

Oil-based ballpoint pens are the first generation of ballpoint pen series products. They have been put on the market in large quantities for more than 60 years. After long-term improvement and perfection, the production process of oil-based ballpoint pens has become mature, with stable product performance and long shelf life. It has become a traditional product variety in the ballpoint pen category of office supply products. The ink used by oil-based ballpoint pens has high viscosity, so the writing feel is relatively heavy.

Neutral ballpoint pen office supply products

Neutral ink ballpoint pens originated in Japan and are currently popular new writing tools internationally. They can be divided into different types of neutral pens according to nib type, ink color, and structure, etc., so you can choose according to your own needs.

Neutral pens have the advantages of both fountain pens and oil-based ballpoint pens, with a comfortable writing feel, low ink viscosity, and increased slippery substances, and the viscosity of the writing medium is between water-based and oil-based, making it smoother than regular oil-based ballpoint pens. The nib size of neutral pens is roughly divided into 1.0mm and 0.5mm.

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