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Classification of Children Desks and Chairs Material

Ⅰ. The solid wood tables and chairs 

The solid wood tables and chairs are all made of solid wood, including the tabletop and side panels made of pure solid wood. No other forms of wood-based meetings are used.  The other is the imitation of natural wood tables and chairs, the so-called replica of real wood tables and chairs. From the appearance, it looks like solid wood tables and chairs. The wood's natural texture, feel, and color is the same as solid wood tables and chairs. But in fact, it is a table and chair mixed with solid wood and artificial board; that is, the top, bottom, and shelf of the side panel are chipboard or MDF.

Ⅱ. The fire panel tables and chairs 

Fireproof board, also known as the refractory board, the scientific name for thermosetting resin impregnated paper high-pressure laminated board, English abbreviation for HPL is a kind of refractory building materials used for surface decoration. Because of its rich surface color, texture, and unique physical properties, the fire panel tables and chairs from China product sourcing websites are widely used in interior decoration, furniture, cabinets, laboratory countertops, external walls, and other fields. The aerated concrete is inorganic. It will not burn and will not produce harmful gases at high temperatures; Simultaneously, the thermal conductivity of the aerated concrete is minimal, which makes the heat transfer slow and can resist fire effectively and protect its structure from fire. 

Ⅲ. The plastic steel tables and chairs

Plastic steel tables and chairs will not deteriorate or deformed when they are in the water. This is conducive to regular cleaning to ensure that the desks and chairs used by students are clean and sanitary and not easy to be wet when cleaning the classroom floor. This product will not be deformed or deteriorate in the open air through wind, sun, and rain like the plastic steel window, and its service life can reach more than 15 years. They will not damage the body and the clothes and pants when the students use them, so the safety factor is very high. The products of the plastic steel desks and chairs like our cute minnie mouse table and chairs have been far beyond the wooden, steel, and wood structure of the first two generations of old children's desks and chairs from the quality, durability, beauty, and other performance and characteristics.

Ⅳ. The plastic desks and chairs plastic stools

Plastic chairs are very light in texture, which is very convenient in unloading and transportation. Moreover, these stools can be stacked together, so the floor area is tiny. These are mainly some of its advantages in storage. It doesn't hold as much weight as a wooden or iron stool, so we have to be careful not to seat two people directly. And this kind of stool is relatively simple in appearance, generally round and square, most of which do not have the chair's back. 

The four materials above are the most used for making the children's desks and chairs. The children's desks and chairs are things that the children can access at home and school, and the contact time is relatively long. So to children's health, whether in kindergarten or at home, we should choose safe and harmless children's desks and chairs.

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