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Design Requirements for Cosmetic Storage Boxes

In recent years, the rapid development of cosmetics shopping malls has driven the progress of the cosmetics packaging industry. Manufacturers' innovative designs for cosmetic storage boxes and household products have also made the cosmetics in commercial cabinets have obvious differentiation and personalization. In the future, cosmetic storage boxes will develop towards three trends. As a manufacturer of cosmetic storage boxes, it is time to grasp the development trend of the industry and create the future intelligently.

Seeking a breakthrough in the shape of cosmetic storage boxes and household products

Many cosmetics manufacturers are pursuing different shapes of cosmetic storage boxes, trying to break the tradition, conform to design aesthetics, consumer psychology, etc., and never stay on the surface of the box. The use of injection molded plastic end caps is a relatively new transformation in the industry today, an example in the industry is Procter & Gamble's Olay brand, which used the technology and the finished carton looked more like a cylinder than a cube. So mastering a skill has profound implications for shape.

Prevailing textured cosmetic storage boxes and household products materials

Textured materials are very popular in the outer packaging of cosmetic storage boxes and household products. Texture is often produced by embossing patterns on a full sheet of paper. When one picks it up, it imparts a different tactile feel than standard or smooth cardboard. Although there are more finishes using glossy or matte finishes, most customers prefer a matte finish combined with textured materials.

Cosmetic storage boxes and household products are dazzling

With dazzling as the main appeal point of cosmetics packaging, packaging made of dazzling materials has begun to appear on cosmetics packaging, in order to achieve the sales purpose of attracting eyeballs. Special purpose inks, coatings and metals are joining the trend. Manufacturers strive to make their products unique through this innovation, but at the same time pay attention to cost expenditure, so the way to obtain such an appearance effect and save costs is to use metallic ink or glossy ink in printing Pearlescent oil. In the future, we will see more eye-catching decorative paper packaging boxes in the market, especially for household products such as storage boxes.

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