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Do Beginners Use Eyebrow Powder or Eyebrow Pencil?

Ⅰ. The advantages of eyebrow pencil

The advantages of using eyebrow pencils to draw eyebrows are simple and easy to control. Besides, it can use long time. However, it should be noted that using eyebrow pencils to draw eyebrows has high technical requirements, and it is easy to make the eyebrow shape look too deliberate, rigid, and unnatural. If your eyebrows are small and sparse, the outline is not clear, there are some defects or even scars, you need to draw the main body or cover up the blemishes. The advantage of waterproof eyebrow pencil is that it is convenient and quick.

Ⅱ. The advantages of eyebrow powder

The advantages of using eyebrow powder to draw eyebrows are more natural, long-lasting coloring time, and versatile. But be careful when using eyebrow powder to draw eyebrows, so it is best to use eyebrow brush to avoid improper use of eyebrow powder. If the overall contour density of your eyebrows is good, you only need to coordinate the color slightly or create a foggy feeling. Eyebrow powder has a very natural effect, long lasting color and versatile. In order to avoid this, use an ultra-fine angled eyebrow brush dipped in brow powder to paint. If it still looks a bit heavy, you can also use some loose powder on the eyebrows to cover it.

Ⅲ. The differences between eyebrow powder and eyebrow pencil

Under normal circumstances, the eyebrow pencil is not easy to master. If you do not master the strength, the drawn eyebrows will appear stiff. Eyebrow powder is easy to master. The drawn eyebrows are very delicate, and you can first choose gray or brown eyebrow powder to find out the shape of the eyebrows, and then use black or darker colors to modify, which can make the eyebrows look more three-dimensional. Of course, if you can combine eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder, the effect will be better. According to professionals, the eyebrow pencil draws the periphery and the eyebrow powder fills the center. The eyebrow pencil can outline the eyebrow shape, such as the end of the eyebrow. Eyebrow powder can fill the gaps between the eyebrows and make the eyebrows look more natural. It is usually two-color and one-box, which can be freely deployed.

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