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Kitchen Equipment Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

1. Set up a dish rack for kitchen equipment

Many families are accustomed to stacking washed dishes and dishes in the cupboard. It is easy to accumulate water when the freshly washed dishes are stacked facing up. In addition, the cupboard is airtight and not ventilated, so it is difficult for the water to evaporate. Bacteria grow naturally. Some people like to use a dry rag to dry the bowl, but with so many germs on the rag, this seemingly "clean" approach backfires. In addition, the dishes and kitchen utensils are stacked together, and the dirt on the bottom of the previous dish is all stuck on the next one, which is very unsanitary.

Experts suggest setting up a dish rack next to the sink. After cleaning, put the dishes upright and buckle the bowls upside down on the shelf, and the dishes can be dried naturally in no time, which is convenient and hygienic.

2. The chopstick holder and knife holder of kitchen equipment should be ventilated

Some people put the chopsticks in the cupboard after washing, or put them in the airtight plastic chopstick tube. These practices are not advisable. It is better to choose a chopstick tube made of stainless steel wire with good air permeability, and put Nail it to the wall or place it in a ventilated place, which drains the water quickly. In addition, it is not advisable to put kitchen knives and kitchen equipment on non-ventilated drawers and knife holders, and a knife holder with good ventilation should also be selected.

3. Hang the kitchen equipment

Many people are used to putting kitchen utensils in drawers, or in pots and frying spoons, and cover them, which is also not conducive to keeping dry. The cutting board is easy to absorb water, and the surface has many scratches and slits, and often hides the residue of fresh food. If the cleaning is not thorough and the storage is improper, the food scraps can cause a large number of bacteria to multiply after they rot.

To solve these problems, you might as well make a small revolution in the kitchen: install a sturdy rail between the wall cabinet and the cabinet, or in a convenient place on the wall, and attach hooks to the rail, Hang the cleaned spatula, colander, egg beater, vegetable basket, etc. on it, so that the water can be drained; hang rags, dishcloths and hand towels at the end far from these kitchen equipment, and hang them on the horizontal bar. On the other end of the box is a sturdier hook that hangs the cutting board so it stays dry.

Using this method of hanging objects on the horizontal bar can also keep the kitchen clean and tidy, and various utensils can be easily picked up, which can be said to serve multiple purposes. It should be noted that items that are hung and placed outside the cabinet will also be contaminated with dust when they are naturally air-dried, so they should be carefully rinsed before use.

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