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Three Main Structures of the Cycling Backpack

A good bicycle backpack needs to have a comfortable carrying structure, good sweat ventilation function, strong fabric, reliable zipper, and fastener structure. In addition, the waterproof, various accessories, fluorescent reflection, and the other functions are also referenced standards for choosing a good bicycle backpack.

Ⅰ. The carrying system of the cycling backpacks 

Backpack is a piece of equipment that is carried on your back and can support a certain amount of weight. The excellent carrying system of the cycling backpack can decompose the pressure effects caused by the body's weight, reduce the feeling of fatigue of the human body and protect the body from injury. The carrying system is generally composed of shoulder straps, belts, and chest straps. The shoulder straps and belts should be soft, breathable, and reasonably bear where they contact the body. The tightness of shoulder straps and belts can be adjusted freely. Generally, there are stress rings or straps on the two shoulder straps of the backpack, which can be pulled by hand to reduce the pressure on the shoulder or back of the backpack. 

Because many cycling backpacks can be used as multipurpose backpacks, they all have a similar structure. But we strongly recommend: when riding, do not take your hands off the handle, hook the force ring (belt), because this is very dangerous. Many backpacks have straps that can be adjusted to suit different heights. The function of the chest strap is to connect the two shoulder straps in front of the chest so that the back is stable and the force is even.

Ⅱ. The perspiration system of the cycling backpack 

It is well known that people sweat a lot during exercise, especially in high temperatures. Probably many of us have had the uncomfortable experience of sweating through a backpack strapped to our back. But a properly designed waterproof cycling backpack is generally able to solve this problem better.

The cycling backpack from China sourcing products is mainly used in two kinds of sweat structure: one is ventilation structure, one is breathable structure. The ventilation structure is primarily connected to the back through a mesh grid, and there is also a large gap between the grid and the backpack so that the sweat on the back can be discharged with the air quickly. Another type of structure is the breathable structure, which has a unique foam material in the contact area between the backpack and the back. There is a good perspiration permeability of the material, which can keep the back dry basically.

Ⅲ. The waterproof structure of the cycling backpack

People have joys and sorrows, and heaven has its ups and downs. Even if you are a prudent person and check the weather forecast every time you go out, there are times when the weather forecast is wrong. If you get caught in heavy rain, and your backpack is not waterproof, but you have a lot of expensive equipment like cameras in your bag, it's a miserable situation. 

So waterproof is also an indicator to choose a waterproof cycling backpack. Many backpacks are PU waterproof, but seams and zippers are weak links. So some packs also provide a rain cover. If not provided, you can buy one separately.

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