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What Exactly Are Cycling Gloves For?

Why do you wear gloves when cycling? Because men's cycling gloves can not only reduce the danger caused by sweaty and slippery hands, but also the thick pad on the gloves can absorb the shock force during riding and reduce hand numbness. In addition, gloves can also be used to wipe sweat, and even provide protection when crashing. Female riders who are afraid of sunburn can also protect themselves from sun protection and cold in winter.

Men's cycling gloves: comfortable cushioning

Cycling is not just about stepping on your feet. We constantly exert pressure on our hands during riding. Only when we can achieve comfort during hours of riding can we really enjoy the fun of riding. In the face of rough terrain in different sections, gloves play the role of cushioning. Excessive training may put pressure on the soft tissues, which in turn compresses the nerves in the hand, causing common carpal tunnel syndrome.

Men's cycling gloves: have a firm grip

Some men's cycling gloves will use the combination of materials and rubber materials to allow riders and athletes to achieve better grip when riding, and to improve the handling of bicycles. The importance of a small glove cannot be underestimated.

Men's cycling gloves: pain protection

When faced with an emergency situation, or an unfortunate car crash, the normal reaction of the human body is often to support it with its hands to block external dangers. However, the hands are actually one of the most difficult parts of the human body to recover. Once it is difficult to move, it will cause a lot of inconvenience in life. Therefore, cyclists are always fully armed and don't forget to wear gloves to reduce the degree of injury.

Men's cycling gloves: keep warm and cold

Maintaining the temperature of the hands is the primary task of belay gloves, especially for the middle and high latitude regions where cycling is popular. Facing the extremely cold temperature at the alpine station, gloves have become one of the indispensable equipment in order to prevent the hands from being in direct contact with the air, or to prevent the heat energy from the body from being lost and transferred to the cold handlebars. Although our hands are dexterous, their muscle weight is relatively small compared with other parts, and they are insulated by gloves, which can prevent wind, resist low temperature, reduce evaporative cooling, reduce the chance of frostbite on hands, and even prevent possible hypothermia.

Men's cycling gloves: easy to wipe

Cyclists are expected to work hard on the pedals for a long time, and it is inevitable that they will sweat profusely and occasionally have a runny nose. At this time, using car clothes or toilet paper to wipe is not only a waste of time, but also inconvenient for the driver. Many people choose to use the outside of the glove to wipe off the sweat and nose on the face.

The role of men's cycling gloves is not only displayed on the hands, it is like wearing a layer of protective clothing on the outside of the hands. The effect of shock absorption and cushioning extends from the hands that bear the brunt to the arms, shoulders and neck, and extends to the back of the ride. Feel it, make a big impact, match it with the look, and start picking out your first pair of cycling gloves!

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