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Be Sure to Pay Attention to These Details when Buying Wooden Toys for Toddlers!

Wooden toys are a relatively safe material among the current toy types, but there are still certain hidden dangers. So how can parents effectively avoid these hidden dangers in the selection process? Below, Skylark will conduct a detailed analysis for everyone. If parents buy wooden toys, they need to focus on the following details. Let's take a look together!

1. Check whether appearances of wooden toys for toddlers are smooth

We know that most wooden toys are made by hand, so when parents choose, they need to check whether the appearance of the toy is smooth, which can prevent the baby from being stabbed by burrs when playing; The smoother the better.

2. Check whether wooden toys for toddlers have peculiar smell

Under normal circumstances, wooden toys for toddlers have more or less the smell of wood itself. If there is a pungent smell in addition to the smell of wood itself, it means that there is a quality problem and it is not suitable to buy. Therefore, it is recommended that parents choose to buy unpainted wood toys. If you have bought some toys with peculiar smell, you can choose to put the toys in a ventilated place for 2-3 days.

3. Check whether wooden toys for toddlers are log toys

Log toys are the safest kind of wooden toys, especially for some babies who are in the oral stage. Babies at this stage like to put toys in their mouths to chew; and log toys are made of wood materials from nature without any industrial compounds,, therefore, it is recommended that parents prefer raw wooden toys when choosing wooden toys.

4. Check the labels of wooden toys for toddlers

Toy labels mainly refer to: manufacturer's title, factory address, telephone number, main materials or ingredients, service life plan, safety warnings, etc. Pay attention to the toy labels, in fact, whether the product has passed the national compulsory commodity Certification. Because now some plastic toys, metal toys have been included in the national "3C" compulsory certification program, you must see the "3C" symbol when buying wooden toys.

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