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How to Use Fake Eyelash?

Fake eyelashes are artificial eyelashes used to beautify the eyes. Generally, by lengthening and thickening the eyelashes, the eyes look bigger, brighter, fuller, and more divine. Fake eyelashes have a long history, and records of false lashes can be found in ancient Egyptian and Roman documents as early as 2000 BC. The materials for making false eyelashes include plastic, cotton, feathers, and other materials, and with the use of false lashes made of different materials, the effects displayed (for example, exaggerated stage effects) are also different. So how to use fake eyelashes? Before sticking fake eyelashes, you need to prepare fake eyelashes and glue, and draw eyeliner, so that you can start sticking it.

Ⅰ. Techniques of applying fake eyelashes on upper eyelashes

(1) The stalk part of the false eyelashes is two sides, and a layer of glue is applied on the upper and lower sides, so that the eyelashes will not be too warped or collapsed after they are attached.

(2) If the eyelashes are not too collapsed or warped at ordinary times, then just follow the usual habit of applying glue.

(3) Note that the white glue must be placed on the eyelid at one time. Once the glue is attached to the skin, it will not be invisible if you pick it up and try to re-paste it again. If you are not sure, you can choose black glue and adjust the curl before it dries.

(4) After the glue dries, if the glue is applied too much, there will be white traces. It is good to use a curved brush to fill the eyeliner outside the eyes. It should be noted that do not use liquid eyeliner to fill the outer eyeliner. The liquid eyeliner is fluid, and the transparent stem cannot be hung, but it will make the false lashes more obvious.

Ⅱ. Techniques of applying fake eyelashes under the eyelashes

(1) It is still necessary to distinguish the positive and negative sides of fake eyelashes. The lower lashes are different from the upper lashes in that they droop downwards, so the glue can be applied to the front.

(2) When attaching the lower eyelashes, there is no need to follow the method of the upper eyelashes. No need to wait until the glue is half dry, it can be applied directly. Light makeup can't reapply eyeliner, so it needs to be done in one go. The lower eyelashes are automatically attached downwards, and they can be invisible when they are half-dry after positioning, which is much simpler than attaching eyelashes.

Fake eyelashes are a type of beauty products. The artistic design is used for the eyes, and the eyelashes show a fairy-like temperament. The design is particularly transparent, and the color of the colored eyelashes is completely shot on the face. Many fashionable ladies like to use false eyelashes to beautify their eyes, and the correct use will make the eyes look beautiful.

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